Antique Koken Barber Chair


Antique Koken Barber Chair. A professional 1900s hydraulic hairstylist chair with foot-bar control, attached razor strap, swivel ashtray, and footrest

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Antique Koken Barber Chair

This collector’s item is an antique from the early 1900s. It is a professional hydraulic barber chair from Koken Supply Company. This impressive Hairstyling equipment is a valuable tool that helps make your busy day on your feet easier. The Koken Barber Chair features:

  • Kick-out calf pad and footrest
  • An adjustable and removable headrest with ornamental trim on the side
  • Extra-wide seat to ensure larger clients are comfortable
  • Small swivel ashtray (with lid) attached to the side of the armrest
  • Chrome side lever that controls the reclining mechanism and raises the footrest
  • Foot bar that controls the hydraulics
  • Attached strip of leather (called a “strop”) to straighten, sharpen, and polish straight razor blade
  • Reupholstered many years ago to protect the original leather material
  • Measures about 44″ front to back, 27″ left to right, and 55″ to the top of the seat
  • Weighs around 350 pounds. Due to the weight of the chair, the buyer is responsible for arranging pick-up and delivery

This item was named after its inventor, Earnest Koken. He was responsible for the innovative hydraulic technology that modernized the hairstyling industry forever. It was the first of its kind to have a hydraulic lift up and down by using a lever or foot pedal.

Prior to this, the entire chair had to be spun around in circles to raise or lower it. In addition, its design and craftsmanship have made it the most desired tool in the industry. The hydraulics, reclining, and rotation make the process of shaving, washing, and cutting hair easier.

Therefore, the Koken Barber Chair is a great investment for a professional hairstylist. In addition, it is in near-mint condition. It makes a great gift for collectors and barbers/stylists.

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Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 27 × 50 in


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