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Animaniacs Inside Water Tower Cel based on the “Animaniacs” animated television series. It is a limited edition cel entitled, “Inside The Water Tower”. This piece of fine art was distributed in 1994 exclusively the Warner Bros. Studio Stores Gallery. The Certificate of Authenticity included proves that it is edition #254 out of 750 produced. This wall decor is professionally matted, framed, and already wired in the back making it instantly ready to hang on the wall. In addition, this cel is in excellent condition.

The Animaniacs was a comedy variety show that began in 1993. The stars of the cartoon series were Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner who lived inside the WB Studios water tower. Conceptually, the tower was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. Accordingly, inside the tower, there were beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom. As seen in the Animaniacs Inside Water Tower Cel, it even had enough room for a roller coaster.

The series won several awards and is considered one of the greatest cartoons of all time. Consequently, DC published a comic book series and various videos games were released based on the Animaniacs tv series. Furthermore, an album was even produced Time Warner Kids featuring songs from the show. Unfortunately, the series ended in 1998. However, a new version of the series will begin streaming on Hulu in 2020. Although the series was popular among the young crowd, the more mature crowds also found it entertaining. That’s because the music, catchphrases, and humor were directed at an adult audience. Therefore, the Animaniacs Inside Water Tower Cel is a perfect gift for both youngsters and adults. And with the upcoming new Hula series, this collectible makes a great gift for both current Animaniacs fans as well as soon-to-be Animaniacs fans.

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