93 Spawn Mobile Hot Wheel


93 Spawn Mobile Hot Wheel. A 1993 diecast 1:64 scale model of Al Simmon’s funny car from the Spawn comic book series. Released by Todd McFarlane and Hot Wheels.

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93 Spawn Mobile Hot Wheel

You are looking at a Hot Wheels diecast 1:64 scale model of Al Simmon’s funny car based on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn comic book series. Hence, this collectible car is called the “Spawnmobile“.

In 1993, the 93 Spawn Mobile Hot Wheel was released and distributed in conjunction with Spawn issue #2 of the comic book which is the result of a cross-promotion with Todd McFarlane Productions and Hot Wheels.

This unique car has never been removed from its original packing. Therefore, it is in mint condition.

Leading Up To The 93 Spawn Mobile Hot Wheel

In 1984, after receiving a Bachelors Degree at Gonzaga University, and after 700+ submissions to comic book publishers, Todd McFarlane scored his first comic job working on Coyote published by Epic Comics, a Marvel imprint.

After 16 issues, Coyote was canceled and McFarlane moved on to work for both DC Comics and Marvel from 1985 to 1987 drawing for various comic books including Detective Comics, Batman: Year Two, and Infinity).

During 1987 he worked solely on the Incredible Hulk. Then in 1988 McFarlane started drawing for Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man. His intricate drawings, most notably Spider-Man’s webbing (which the industry termed “spaghetti-webbing”), got McFarlane really noticed.

Marvel gave him a shot at the cover and he produced. McFarlane’s cover art for issue 313 made him high-profile in the comic book world. Then 15 issues later, he told Marvel he wanted more control not only over his creative work but also over the storyline.

So in 1990, Marvel devised a new comic book title, Spider-Man, for which McFarlane could both draw and write. Initially, the comic book was hit. However, because its storylines were controversial, in November of 1991 (16 issues later), McFarlane’s run with Marvel was over.

After that, Mcfarlane moved on and founded a new company, Image Comics, with six other artists. Image Comics was the birthplace of the Spawn comic book series. Spawn is an occult-themed comic book for which McFarlane does the writing and drawing.

He first came up with the idea as a teenager. The comic book is based on a character named Albert Simmons whose alter ego is “Spawn”. Simmons is a national security assassin for the United States who dies, gets sent to hell, makes a deal with the devil, a returns to earth as an antihero.

Issue #1 of Spawn sold 1,700,000 copies. The 93 Spawn Mobile Hot Wheel was sold with issue#2 of the comic book. On October 9, 2019, 27 years later, with the release of issue #301, Spawn became the longest-running creator-owned comic book series.

Spawn was number one in industry-wide sales 4 years in a row. Since its inception, Spawn has proven to be a worthy property. This is why the 93 Spawn Mobile Hot Wheel makes a great gift for collectors and comic book enthusiasts.

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