70s Hobo Tramp Clown Bookends


70s Hobo Tramp Clown Bookends. A pair of heavy, bronze-like plaster clowns on their costume/props trunk. One is sad and the other happy. Keep books from falling

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70s Hobo Tramp Clown Bookends

This collectible item is a pair of sturdy figural traveling clown bookends. They are heavy bronze-like statues made of plaster and beautifully hand-painted. One clown is happy, the other clown is sad, and they are both sitting on their own costume/props trunk.

In addition, the happy clown (also referred to as a “hobo”) has a tiny hat on his bald head, accentuated eyebrows, white make-up outlining his big smile, a big fake red round nose, baggy clothes, and oversized gloves and shoes.

Alternatively, the sad clown (also referred to as a tramp) has a hat on over his hair, white make-up outlining his sad frown, a big fake red round nose, baggy patched clothes, gloves, and oversized tattered shoes.

Furthermore, these clown bookends were produced in 1972 by Progressive Art Products. They are in excellent condition. Place them at opposite ends of a row of upright books to keep books together and prevent them from falling.

The 70s Hobo Tramp Clown Bookends make a great gift for collectors, avid readers, and clown enthusiasts.

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