70s Fast Paricon Steering Sled


70s Fast Paricon Steering Sled. Need for speed? Get this high-quality vintage 55″ Champion wood and steel fastback sled. Fits up to 3 people. Great fun for all.

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Presenting The 70s Fast Paricon Steering Sled

If you have the need for speed, then this “fastback” for riding down snow-covered hills is just what you’re looking for. This collectible item is a 1970s Champion classic design sled made by the Paris Company.

The Paris Company has been in the sled-making business since 1861 which means this vintage “Paricon” sled is extremely durable. Firstly, it has a rugged wood deck. Secondly, it has sleek steel runners with the original red paint.

Thirdly, the grooves in the runners allow for easy maneuvering while zooming fast downhill. Fourthly, it has a wood patented “Flexible Flyer” crossbar handle that steers the front runners left and right. Fifthly, a rope is attached which is used for toting it uphill.

Lastly, it measures approximately 55″ long x 22” wide 5” tall. You can ride it sitting up or lying down. It fits one person lying down. Alternatively, it can hold up to three people at one time when sitting up.

The 70s Fast Paricon Steering Sled is in near-mint condition. It makes a terrific gift for just about anyone because riding it is great fun for the whole family and friends.

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Dimensions 55 × 22 × 5 in


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