4 Leaf Clover Zippo


4 Leaf Clover Zippo. A 2006 Luck of the Irish collectible lighter manufactured by Zippo that features a large silver embossed four-leaf clover in a green circle

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4 Leaf Clover Zippo

This is a Luck of the Irish satin chrome lighter manufactured by Zippo in 2006. The front features a large silver embossed four-leaf clover inside a green circle and several small silver embossed clovers inside of green, white, and orange diamond shapes.

It says “Zippo” on the bottom. Although the 4 Leaf Clover Zippo is not in the original packaging, it was barely used is therefore in near-mint condition. It makes an excellent gift for collectors, smokers, and anyone who is Irish.

According to legend, the four-leaf clover symbolizes good luck. The reason being, three-leaf clovers are very common. Alternatively, four-leaf clovers are extremely rare.

Statistically, there is one four-leaf clover amongst every 10,000 three-leaf clovers. Therefore, because they are so hard-to-find, if you find one it means you’ll be granted some luck.

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