Puurrrfect Funko Collectible

Puurrfect Funko Collectible

Puurrfect Funko Collectible

The Puurrfect Funko Collectible is the Cat In The Hat Bobblehead which is a 7″ Funky Wacky Wobbler in mint condition. It is based on the famous Cat In The Hat character from children’s books.

The Cat In The Hat is a mischievous feline with the personality of a pesky human that loves to entertain young children while their parents are away.

Unfortunately, his hyper antics get out of hand creating massive upheaval. Fortunately, everything gets put back to the way it was just seconds before the parents return home.

The Cat In The Hat, created by Theodor Geisel who went by the name Dr. Seuss (who also created “The Grinch”), was published by both Houghton Mifflin for distribution to schools and Random House (under a different cover) for distribution to bookstores.

When the “Cat In The Hat” was released in 1957, it sold an average of 12,000 copies a month. It was a success because it was action-packed and filled with exciting illustrations which gave young boys and girls an incentive to want to read and effectively did so.

In addition, parents thought it was a welcome departure from the typical books for seven and eight-year-olds being circulated at that time. As time went on sales continued to rise.

Due to its overwhelming popularity, the book was adapted into a half-hour animated musical television special in 1971 entitled “A Cat In The Hat” and then in 1982 entitled The Grinch Grinches The Cat In The Hat.

Even with the emerging media adaptations, book sales remain popular. In fact, in 2001 the book was listed as #9 on the Publishers Weekly list for best-selling children’s books of all time.

More recently, in 2003, the book was adapted into a full-length animated comedy feature film entitled “The Cat In The Hat” starring Mike Myers as the Cat.

Puurrfect Funko Collectible Memorabilia

With such acclaimed success, the Cat In The Hat Bobblehead is a great gift to give to collectors, Dr. Suess enthusiasts, and even Mike Myers fans.

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