Collectible Bobbleheads

Collectible Bobbleheads. Shop for bobbleheads. Including Funko’s Wacky Wobblers,  NECA’s Head Knockers, Adams Apple’s Bopp’n Heads, Walt Disney Resorts’ Bobble Heads, and others.

Bobbleheads are basically dolls. They are dolls with oversized heads. Additionally, their heads move back and forth. The head moves because it is mounted on a spring. Consequently, some other names used to describe them are nodders; nodding heads; wobblers; and bopping heads.

Bobbleheads that are collector’s items are usually the ones that look like celebrities, professional athletes, cartoon characters, comic book characters, or iconic mascots. Such as Cheech and Chong (“Up In Smoke), Derek Fisher (NBA), Banana Splitz (Cartoon Network), and Tony The Tiger (Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes). In addition, bobbleheads that are no longer manufactured or distributed (“retired”) are also considered valuable Collectible Bobbleheads. Such as Chick Hearn (sportscaster), Mr. Magoo (cartoon), and Crimson Ghost.

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