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Pez and Funko Unite

Pez and Funko Unite. This week the Sheraton Stamford Hotel in Connecticut will host the 21st Northeast PEZ Collectible Convention. But this year, the four-day event has a twist. For the very first time, Pez Candy character dispensers will be sharing the limelight with another iconic favorite, Funko POP! figures. Pez and Funko recently joined forces to create “POP!+Pez” collectibles. The “NEPEZCON” convention will not only celebrate their individual collections past and present but will also promote their new joint venture which they anticipate will bridge the gap between age groups.

The first three days of NEPEZCON are meant only for serious Funko and Pez collectible dealers. To kick off the convention there will be a live charity auction with proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society. There will be two rare items up for auction. The 2018 pre-production of the blue hair PEZ Boy and a 2019 limited production edition of the blue hair PEZ Boy. Bidding for these items will end at 7:30 pm on Friday, May 3rd. Then on May 4th at 9 am doors will open to the public for a $5 general admission fee and the winners will be announced. The event will be held in the ballroom of the Sheraton Stamford Hotel located at 700 E. Main Street in Stamford, CT. This Pez and Funko Unite convention is scheduled to end at 2 pm on Saturday. For more information please click on this link.

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