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Iconic Wizard of Oz

Iconic Wizard of Oz

The concept of the Wizard of Oz originated from a classic children’s book written by Frank L. Baum in 1900 titled “The Wonderful World of Oz”.

In 1939, Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer released the Iconic Wizard of Oz story as an American musical fantasy film that starred Hollywood legend, Judy Garland.

The storyline takes place in Kansas and centers around an extraordinary dream the main character, Dorothy (played by Judy Garland), has after bumping her head during a tornado.

In the dream, the tornado swoops her away and drops her in a strange land with her dog, Toto. For the rest of the story, Dorothy follows a yellow brick road trying to get back home.

Along the way, she makes new friends (the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion), meets her protagonist (Glinda The Good Witch), and her antagonist (Wicked Witch of the West).

It’s a story filled with life lessons like being courageous, having self-confidence, the importance of camaraderie, being a team player, good versus evil, and there’s no place like home.

This Iconic Wizard of Oz film, which is considered one of the greatest films in cinema history, was nominated for six Academy Awards.

Even its theme song, “Over the Rainbow”, won an Oscar for Best Original Score and Best Original Song and is documented as being “culturally, historically, and artistically significant”.

Iconic Wizard of OZ Popularity

The Iconic Wizard of Oz has charmed the hearts of millions for decades, appealing to both males and females of all ages all over the world.

Consequently, there have been numerous adaptations over the years including The Wizard of Oz Stage Musical, Journey Back to Oz Animated Movie, and the Wicked Book Series.

Iconic Wizard of Oz Movie Memorabilia

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