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Genuine Entertainment Collectibles

Genuine Entertainment Collectibles

Pop Culture Entertainment Collectibles spotlight artistic designs, symbols, names, and/or likenesses (“intellectual properties”) of brands that entertain us via movies, TV, theater, video games, comic strips, comic books, and books.

Main Reason People Collect Entertainment Collectibles

People collect Entertainment Collectibles because they admire, aspire to be, sympathize with, or relate to a character in the story based on their:

  • Choices
  • Personality
  • Environment
  • Relationships
  • Social Status
  • Economic Status
  • Family Upbringing
  • Past Experiences
  • Respone To Situations

Characters can make us feel cheerful because they made us laugh, safe because they were protectors, less alone because they were relatable, and ambitious because they inspired us.

Displaying Entertainment Collectibles is a form of self-expression, a way to communicate opinions, and a way to foster camaraderie with those having common interests.

What makes Entertainment Collectibles “Genuine”?

Retailers that want to feature an entertainment brand (i.e. Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, DC Comics, etc.) on their product must first obtain a license from the copyright owner granting them the rights to do so.

Consumer products that bear the name, logo, and/or images of an entertainment brand pursuant to a signed license agreement are genuine officially Licensed Products.

Products that illegally feature an entertainment property without a license agreement are not genuine. They are instead called “counterfeits” which are most often of inferior quality.

Conversely, licensed products are put through a rigorous quality control process so that they reinforce brand assurance and meet customer expectations.

For example, when featuring the Looney Tunes canary, Tweety, there is a specific style guide that must be adhered to like the location of the eyelashes (see pic below).

Tweety Clampett Style Guide
Good Tweety
Bad Tweety

Genuine Entertainment Collectibles For Sale

Having been passionate collectors for many years, all of us at Collectibles And More In-Store take the quality and legitimacy of the items we buy and sell very seriously.

Rest assured, the Entertainment Collectibles listed on CollectiblesAndMoreInStore.com are authentic officially licensed products (except the Sailor Moon Clock which states as such in its description).

Almost all of our DC, WB, and Hanna-Barbera Entertainment Collectibles were acquired directly from the WB Studio Store by our Chief Operating Officer while working at Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

Because Entertainment Collectibles are our specialty, we have a vast selection of Entertainment Collectibles to choose from such as:

Betty Boop Coca-Cola Tin Tote

A collectible tin tote made to look like a television that has a curly antenna handle featuring Coca-Cola and Betty Boop.

Betty Boop Coke Tin Tote

I Love Lucy Small Lunch Box

A collectible 7.5″ x 5.5″ metal lunch box featuring Lucille Ball in the I Love Lucy episode titled “Lucy Tells The Truth”.

I Love Lucy Small Lunch Box

James Bond 007 Micro Activity Set

A Galoob 1995 Micro Machines collectible based on the Goldfinger, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Moonraker movies.

Bond 007 Micro Activity Set

Groovy Austin Powers Statue

A rare 12″ limited edition collectible figure of Mike Myers from the iconic “International Man of Mystery” movie.

Groovy Austin Powers Statue

Tim Burton Santa Puppet

A vintage collectible Hasbro posable hand puppet based on the film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Tim Burton Santa Puppet

Batman and Harley Quinn Figural Sculpture

A Ron Lee limited edition featuring The Dark Knight catching Harley Quinn trying to escape after robbing Gotham City’s bank.

Batman Harley Bank Sculpture

Superman Coin & Stamp Litho Set

This collector’s item, titled “Stamping Out Injustice Since 1938″, commemorates the 32¢ stamp issued by the United States Postal Service in 1998.

Superman Coin Stamp Litho Set

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