Diecast Inventory Search Request

Diecast Inventory Search Request

Diecast Inventory Search Request

The owner of Collectibles And More In-Store, Vic Saul, has thousands of diecast 1/64 scale Hot wheels and Matchbox cars (mostly cars released from 1970 to 2006). He is selling them because he has gone blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa.

I, Melissa O’Donnell, am the one who takes the product photos, writes the product descriptions, then lists them on this website, and I do it all for free because Vic is a long-time friend.

It will take me years to get all of his diecast 1/64 scale cars and trucks listed on this website. Therefore, if there is a car that you can’t find anywhere else, you may submit a Diecast Inventory Search Request to see if we have it.

When you submit a Diecast Inventory Search request, let me know what you are looking for by specifying the brand, the series, the release year, and other details including the specific car name, color, variation (if any), etc.

Please note that all of his cars are neatly stacked inside approximately 40 large heavy-duty storage bins. The cars have not be catalogued. In order to locate a specific car, I will have to:

  • Pick up a bin and move it (and each bin is heavy)
  • Carefull remove each blister pack from the bin as I look for the car(s)
  • Puzzle piece each blister pack back into the bin
  • Pick up and move the bin back

Please realize that looking through all the bins takes time (around 10 hours) and it is taxing (a lot physically and some mentally). I am, however, willing to conduct the search for $18.00, which is cheap considering what’s involved.


Please be as specific as possible when completing this form and don’t forget to press the “Submit” button when you are done.

Now that you’ve completed the Diecast Inventory Search Request, press on the “Submit” button below, THEN press on the “Pay Now” button on the right. BOTH buttons must be pressed to conduct a search.

After pressing on the “Submit” button to the left, press on the “Pay Now” button below to remit $18.00 for me to look through all of our vehicles in storage. BOTH buttons must be pressed for the search to be conducted.

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