Colorful Collector Plates Tell A Story

Colorful Collector Plates Tell A Story

Colorful Collector Plates Tell A Story

These collectible, limited edition, decorative plates have colorful AND meaningful designs. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the time to really appreciate their artistry.

You see, in addition to looking attractive, the artists have skillfully painted pictures that also instantly convey a message. That’s right, Collector Plates Tell A Story:

  • Observe the relationship between the characters (i.e. distance between them, size difference, location placement).
  • Look at how the different colors are used to create contrasts to draw attention to a focal point
  • Notice how the different visual elements (i.e. lines, shapes, space) interact to stimulate a feeling (i.e. harmony, movement, dominance, emphasis, rhythm).
  • Pay attention to how body language and facial expressions (i.e. placement of arms/legs, eye contact, shape of the mouth, angle of the head) portray personalities, moods, and confidence.
  • See how surroundings and props (i.e. clothing, accessories, location, and decorations) are interjected to reveal the identity (i.e. social status, popularity, job, IQ, ego), the time period, and the season.

Marilyn Monroe’s Collector Plates Tell A Story

Marilyn Isn't It Delicious Plate

Marilyn Isn’t It Delicious Plate

A perfect example of how Collector Plates Tell A Story is the plate titled “Isn’t It Delicious” from our collection of Marilyn Monroe Collector Plates featuring the Hollywood legend.

This iconic image (referred to as Marilyn’s “flying skirt” pose) is based on a photo taken by photographer Sam Show in 1954 in New York City during a movie shoot for the film “The Seven Year Itch”.

The Decorative Plate artwork was created by artist Victor Gadino. Notice how no one else is in the image so the entire focus is on Marilyn which conveys that she is an important figure.

In addition, Marilyn is wearing a pretty white dress which a connotation of innocence. However, the length of the dress is short and her shoulders and back are exposed giving her sex appeal.

She is also standing over a subway grating with her legs spread slightly apart with her skirt blow upward above her knees making the scene even more provocative.

The message being communicated by this Collector Plate is that Marilyn was a prominent person that wanted to be thought of as perfectly sweet yet enjoyed being seen as a naughty sex symbol.

Hanna-Barbera Collector Plates Tell A Story

Tom and Jerry Plate

Tom and Jerry Plate

Another great example is our Tom and Jerry Collector Plate which is based on the 7x Academy Award-winning 1940s cartoon “Puss Gets The Boot”.

In the cartoon, Tom uses everything he can get his hands on to trap Jerry and Jerry cunningly retaliates. Although they are continually at odds, they do share brief moments of camaraderie.

Such a moment is captured on this Collector Plate through the artwork created by MGM Studios. If Collector Plates Tell A Story, this collectible Decorative Plate is worth a thousand words.

Just look at how the scene simply and boldly focuses entirely on the large cat (Tom) tightly holding the small mouse (Jerry) in his fisted hand.

While looking intently at Jerry, Tom’s lips are puckered, his eyebrows are raised, and his shoulders are shrugged high as if to say, “now what?”.

And even though he is being held captive by Tom, Jerry caulks his head slightly down to the side and stares upward at Tom with an innocent grin as if to say, “You don’t really want to hurt lil ‘ol me”.

The message being communicated by this Collector Plate is that even though they irritate each other, their relationship defines their existence.

Comic Book Collector Plates Tell A Story

Superman and Lois Lane Plate

Superman and Lois Lane Plate

Our last example of how Collector Plates Tell A Story is illustrated by the Superman and Lois Lane Decorative Plate. The art was designed by Marc Lumer and painted by David McBride.

Featured is a strong broad-chested man with chiseled facial features, wearing a cape and a jumpsuit with the large “S” emblem on the front, and positioned high in the sky with the city below him in the background.

This artwork makes a clear statement that the man is a superhero which everyone in the world recognizes as Superman. In addition, he carries a woman in his arms who doesn’t look frightened.

The image shows us she trusts him completely with her life which is conveyed by the way she holds him – her arms gracefully wrapped around his neck while she fondly looks into his eyes.

Her body language shows clear signs that she is infatuated with him. His body language shows that she is his love interest. Therefore it is deducted that she is Lois Lane.

To see more of these Collector Plates, visit our Home Decor Decorative Plates page.

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