Collectible Terms Glossary

Collectible Terms Glossary

Collectible Terms Glossary

Welcome to our collectibles store’s Collectible Terms Glossary (also known as a “Glossary of Terms”). This Collectible Terms Glossary contains an alphabetical list of collectibles terminology (used on our website, in our articles, and in our product descriptions) and the corresponding definitions.

Something that has aged 100 years or more and is valuable and of interest to collectors because it is characteristic of a particular time period and style of creation.
Something that is real as opposed to something that is a fake or a reproduction.
Hand-written artistic signature of an author, artist, or celebrity.
Abbreviation for the collectibles store ‘Collectibles And More In-Store’.
Short for ‘celluloid’, a transparent sheet on which objects are drawn or painted for traditional, hand-drawn animation. Characters were drawn on cels and laid over a static background drawing.
Something recognized as being of high quality and lasting appeal.
The British version of ‘Collectible’.
An item with certain qualities or characteristics that someone considers interesting, memorable, meaningful, attractive, or valuable either sentimentally or monetarily (they can offer capital gains potential and inflation protection).
Multiple items with a related theme that have been accumulated and gathered together by an individual.
Collectors Items
Objects that were specifically produced for a high-end market targeted at collectors (i.e. special edition, limited-edition, commemorative); has historical significance; is the first of its kind, the only one of its kind, hard-to-find/rare; or was autographed, or used by its creator or a notable public figure.
Something created specifically to celebrate an event or anniversary.
Entertainment Collectibles
Items that feature the name and/or likeness of a personality/character featured in media such as television, film, comic books, comic strips, books, and promotional messages.
Something elite because availability is limited to only a certain group intentionally excluding others.
Fair Market Value
The price at which an item would sell between a seller and an informed and unpressured buyer in an economic market in which prices are based on competition among private businesses not controlled by government.
The description for how well an item was made (i.e. the development process, technique used, materials used, etc.) which directly affects how long the item will last. Meaning high-quality items are above-standard and durable.
An item of which only a set quantity was produced and is thus marked with both the specific edition number and the number of editions in total (i.e. 112/1500).
An item created using a special method of printing whereby an image is drawn on lithographic limestone (or a metal plate with a grained surface) using oil-based inks then applied to a flat surface. The artist uses a separate stone or plate for each color in the image.
A long-playing record.
Objects collected as souvenirs associated with a famous person, an important event, or a personal experience.
Military memorabilia with historical interests, such as weapons, uniforms, lapel pins, and awards.
Mint Condition
Never been used, in perfect condition, and in the original packaging.
Near-Mint Condition
Looks new; shows minimal to no wear; may or may not have the original packaging
Evoking sentimental thoughts and feelings for the past.
Something with a distinctive attribute, a unique/unusual characteristic, or that was recently developed.
Existed first thus not a copy nor derived from something else.
Precious because it is not often found so it is particularly interesting and/or valuable because only a few exist.
Replacement Value
The amount of money it would take to replace an item with the exact same or similar item in the current retail market.
Return On Investment
An investment that will sell for more money than what you originally paid for it. Also referred to as ROI.
A cover (also known as a “scabbard”) for a knife or sword blade.
Reprint of a hand-written artistic autograph of an author, artist, or celebrity.
Special Edition
An item designed specifically for a particular occasion or focused on a particular theme thus it is different from how it is normally.
Something that has been in existence for at least 20 years.
How skillfully something was made.

This concludes our Collectible Terms Glossary. Thank you for reading the Collectible Terms Glossary.

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