Coca-Cola Country

Coca-Cola Country

Coca-Cola Country Collectibles

Coca-Cola Country is the title referring to a collection of Lilliput Lane miniatures. Lilliput Lane was established in the United Kingdom in 1982 by Founder David Tate.

The company is famous around the world for its small scale replicas of cottages and buildings that are handmade and remarkably realistic looking due to the outstanding attention to detail.

In the early 90s, Tate came across some limited-edition prints which were created by the “Americana” artist, Ray Day. The prints featured nostalgic buildings that Tate found to be intrinsically charismatic.

Tate asked to purchase the prints from Ray Day because he wanted Lilliput Lane to reproduce the buildings as sculptures. It was agreed instead that Ray would create the sculptures for Lilliput Lane.

Ray’s first four Lilliput Lane pieces were released in June 1989 as the “American Landmarks” series. Pleased with the results, Lilliput Lane then developed a line of miniatures featuring the Coca-Cola brand.

Ray completed the Coca-Cola collectibles collection in 1995 which was titled, “Coca-Cola Country”. This collection, released by Enesco European Giftware, was a huge success and highly desired by collectors.

The miniatures in the collection were retired between 1999 and 200 which made them even more valuable. Then when Lilliput Lane closed its factory in 2016, they increased in value again.

The Coca-Cola Country collection includes these collectible miniature models (which our store carries):

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