Americana Memorabilia

Americana Memorabilia

Americana Memorabilia

Collectible items that commemorate America’s history are wonderful pieces of memorabilia. Take, for example, Avon’s collection of limited-edition ceramic 1/2 liter “Building of America” Collector Steins.

The Collector Steins were handcrafted in Brazil by Ceramarte exclusively for Avon Products and each one focuses on a particular event(s) that significantly contributed to America’s progress.

Gold Rush Americana Memorabilia

Avon Gold Rush Stein

Avon Gold Rush Stein

The Avon Gold Rush Collector Stein (released in 1987) has a lid that looks like a $20 gold coin and it features raised images of miners panning for gold, wagons filled with fortune seekers, and the San Francisco Mint.

On January 24, 1848, a carpenter by the name of James W. Marshall was building a sawmill along the American River in the Sacramento Valley for John Sutter when he found something shiny and gold.

After running some tests, it was determined that the object was GOLD. The word quickly spread and by 1849 approximately 300,000 people flocked to California in hopes of finding gold.

Unfortunately, the massive influx of gold-seekers was responsible for driving the natives off of their land which consequently invoked both parties to commit violent crimes against each other.

However, there were also significant changes that occurred that had positive effects. For example, the sudden increase in the population allowed California to establish statehood.

Also, the flood of circulated gold boosted the American economy, and due to a demand for coinage, the California Gold Rush instigated the creation of the San Francisco Mint double eagle $20 gold coin.

Cattle Drives Americana Memorabilia

Avon Cattle Drive Stein side 2

Avon Cattle Drive Stein side 2

The Avon Cattle Drive Collector Stein (released in 1980) has a rope-like handle and features raised images of a stagecoach, a cowboy roping for the roundup, and a chuckwagon. Under the images are the words “Stage Coach”, “Roping”, “Chuck Wagon”, and “Cattle Drive”.

Cattle drives started in 1866 before the widespread use of fencing and lasted about 20 years. The need for cattle drives came to an end with the expansion of the railroads and the use of refrigeration in newly built meatpacking plants.

The cattle drives were usually managed by a crew of 12 male cowboys who used a roping technique referred to as the “Houlihan” to catch and steer straying cattle back in with the herd.

A chuckwagon trailed behind them which transported the cook and enough food for the Cowboys to eat for several months. Hence, many of the cattle drive trails became established stagecoach routes.

Those stagecoaches played a major role in the growth and expansion of the United States because they transported passengers that, in hopes of finding land and new opportunities, moved West.

Railroads Americana Memorabilia

Avon Railroads Stein

Avon Railroads Stein

The Avon Railroads Collector Stein (released in 1987) has a  lid that looks like a train wheel and an attached pewter thumb lever that looks like a steam train’s whistle.

In addition, it features raised images of The General steam locomotive, Union Pacific Railroad, the Twentieth Century Limited express passenger train, and the American Orient Express luxury passenger train.

The first chartered railway was built in 1826. It was used to move freight and ran about three miles. Several years later, in 1830, the first mechanical passenger train was developed but it also only traveled a few miles.

Then by 1850, over 9,000 miles of railway track had been lain making it possible for railway systems to finally travel outside of the local domain. So by 1870, transcontinental railroads were running from the East and the West impacting both economic life and the growth of the American people.

Aviation Americana Memorabilia

The Avon Aviation Collector Stein (released in 1981) has a lid that looks like the front of a single-engine plane and it features raised images of the following aviators and aircraft:

Avon Aviation Stein

Avon Aviation Stein

The Montgolfier Balloon (1783): Air flights began during the 18th century with the Montgolfier brothers, Wilbur and Orville. They were the inventors of the first hot air balloon.

The tethered hot-air balloon (originally called “dirigible balloons” or “airships”) and the free-flying balloon were the first airships to have a human crew onboard.

The Wright Brothers (1903): By the early 20th century, major advances in engine technology and aerodynamics had taken place. Consequently, those advancements made it possible for the Wright brothers to build a controlled, heavier-than-air, powered aircraft.

It was called the “Wright Flyer” (also referred to as “Flyer I” or the “1903 Flyer”). On December 17, 1903, the Wright Flyer successfully sustained flight. That day made the Wright brothers famous.

The Piper Cub (1940): Around 1940 the Piper Aircraft Company developed the first lightweight airplane called the “Piper Cub”. Its lightweight and simple design meant it performed well at low speeds, a necessity for short-field takeoffs and landings.

As a result, the Piper Cub became a valuable asset during World War II. It was used for a variety of military uses such as reconnaissance, liaison, and ground control.

The advancement of aviation brought about American landscape awareness, military advantages, commercial travel, and globalization.

Automibile Americana Memorabilia

Avon Classic Cars Stein

Avon Classic Cars Stein

The Avon Classic Cars Collector Stein (released in 1979) features raised images of these classic American cars from the 1900s:

The Stanley Steamer: As the name suggests, it was a steam-engine vehicle. In 1903 it won the world record for the fastest mile. Then impressively in 1906, it also won the world speed record (28.2 seconds).

The Ford Motor Company Model T: Released in 1911, it was a powerful symbol of modernization because it was the first reasonably priced automobile that the middle class could afford.

Furthermore, it allowed middle-income households to travel together on vacation which played a vital role in maintaining the well-being of the family unit.

The MG TA Midget: A two-seater sports car released in 1936 by Morris Garages. It was famous for its radiator design, swept wings, running boards, folding windscreen, large accessible bonnet, foldable hood, and side curtains.

The Bugatti: A racing car that won the Grand Prix World Championship in 1926 after winning 351 races and setting 47 records.

Football Americana Memorabilia

Avon Football Stein

Avon Football Stein

The Avon Football Collector Stein (released in 1983) has raised images of players in vintage uniforms, a football helmet embossed on the lid, and a thumb-lift that looks like a football.

Football has been around for centuries but was originally called “Rugby”. It was considered a violent sport because it allowed excessive tackling even though the uniforms had no protective padding.

Then, in 1905, the National Collegiate Athletic Association of the United States (NCAA) was formed and in 1906 a new rule was introduced which devised to reduce injury.

One of the most important changes in the establishment of the modern game was the added rules to protect the players which is what distinguishes American football from its rugby counterpart.

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Americana Memorabilia is the perfect gift for collectors and American history buffs.We hope you enjoyed reading this article about Americana Memorabilia. For more “collectibles” content from our store, check out these links:

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