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About the Store Owner
Store Owner

Meet Vic: I am the owner. I have been an avid collector for over 40 years. It all began with a Hot Wheels 1967 Mustang given to me my Uncle when I turned 8. I remember my excitement like it was yesterday. From that day on, cars became my life.  Working on them, driving them, and collecting them. As you can imagine, after all these years, my collection of model cars is around 20,000+.

Collecting has been a life long hob and my collections have evolved and matured with me along the way. Collecting has given me an abundance of memories. When I look at a piece in my collection, I don’t see a material object. To me, they are reminiscent of an achievement, a friend, a fantasy, a comic book issue, a celebration, a world event, a movie, a date, a winning game… you get the picture. The nostalgia is priceless! Opening a Collectibles Store has been a long-term goal of mine and a logical next step.

About the Store Manager
Store Manager

Melissa: I’ve known Vic for many years.  I worked as a Director in Business Administration for a Fortune 500 company for nearly 14 years.  When Vic said it was time to open the collectibles store I jumped right on board. We opened in late 2007 and things were running smoothly but then I had to attend to some personal matters and the store was put on hold. Several months ago we assembled a team and re-opened CollectiblesAndMoreInStore.com.

We are eager to assist you, answer any questions you may have, and listen to your feedback.

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