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"I have around
20,000 or more
Hot Wheels in my
Toys Collection"
I have been a Collector for over 30 years. It all began with a die-cast 1967 Mustang by Hot Wheels
that was given to me when I turned 8. It was so cool. I already had a keen interest in real sport
and muscle cars. My Uncle let me work with him on cars in his garage as early as I can remember.
Since I wasn't old enough to drive yet, Hot Wheels were the next best thing and I traded, bought,
and pushed for a different one every chance I got. Today I own over 20,000 Hot Wheels. Of course
being a young boy, I naturally started also collecting Matchbox cars, baseball cards, marbles, coins,
stamps, comic books and baseball caps.

My collecting fever kept getting hotter and I added candy and bubble gum dispensers, magnets,
tins, wind-up toys, action figures and  bobble heads. When I reached my teens and got closer to
driving age, I added larger scale vehicle replicas to my car collections and commenced accumulating
bicycles and magazines. Next on my collector's list were items based on famous celebrities (such as
Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean), movies (i.e. Wizard Of Oz), TV shows (i.e. I Love Lucy, 3
Stooges, Little Rascals), and household name-brand merchandise (i.e. Coca-Cola, M&M, Pillsbury).

Once I started working and I had to start doing the buying on my own, I expanded my collections
to include anything genuinely antique or vintage (i.e. gramophone, vinyl records, sheet music,
books, telephones, advertisement displays, clocks, light fixtures, pinball machines, slot machines,
arcade games, vending & dispensing machines) with the justification that not only would I get
enjoyment out of them, but also that they were an investment (since I was advised they would
increase in value over time).  When Ty Beanie Babies first hit the scene I jumped on board and
started collected them as well. When I hit 30,  I started collecting skulls and more adult type items
such as watches, knives, lighters, cameras, NASCAR branded  jackets, autographed sports
memorabilia, signed production cels, limited edition figurines, and paintings, guns, swords, mugs,
and even neon signs.

Throughout my years of gathering merchandise, I've unconsciously made "collecting" a habit and
consequently I also have accumulated a large amount of less significant items (such as vacuums,
radios, door knobs, ashtrays, bar stools, chimes, etc.) as well as a museum of hardware and
other equipment.  I can't seem to bring myself to get rid of anything. About a year ago my
friends started making fun of the fact that I've accumulated a large collection of pet dishes, keys,
slippers, and the list goes on and on and on - its never ending. After it was necessary to add-on to
my home (which also meant adding to my hardware and power tools collections) just to house all
my collections.  I finally realized it's time to start sharing my collections with others before I run
myself out of house and home so I decided to open my own online store to sell my classic vehicles,
collectibles, antiques, books, toys, pottery, decor and more - thus the birth of this website:
Shop here 24/7 for Limited Edition Figurines & Plates, Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads, Madame Alexander Dolls, Ty Beanie Babies, Coca-Cola Collectibles, Ceramic Character Cookie Jars, Antique Crackled Glass Light Fixtures, Novelty Children's Furniture, And Lots of Other Unique Gifts and Treasured Keepsakes
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