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Melissa has known Vic for 40 years. Previously, for nearly 14 years, she worked in the consumer products division of a Fortune 500 company.

Vic is the owner. He has been an avid collector for most of his life. His interest in collecting began on his 8th birthday when he received a 1967 Hot Wheels Mustang from his uncle.


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"This is a great store. My friends and I Love everything in it. My latest purchase was a figurine. As usual, I was impressed when it arrived. It looks even better in person. My friends all want"

Trisha Carr

"Received my item. I was concerned there's not a lot of info about it on the website so I called them. They were courteous and answered my questions. Decided to get it. I'm very satisfied."

Chris Bailey

"I bought a Batman statue from this store for my husband's birthday. Thanks. He was pleased with his gift."

April Lang

"There was a Superman one just like this listed. I bought it from this store. It's SUPER! I'm happy I got it."

Trevor Priamos

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